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Children's Village of Orchards was founded on the idea that all children deserve a safe, nurturing environment where they can learn, grow and express their unique selves.

Children's Village of Orchards has educated generations of happy children, since 1989

Children's Village of Orchards

Program Philosophy

At Children’s Village of Orchards our curriculum philosophy is to develop an emergent curriculum around our weekly themes. We utilize a variety of curriculum to integrate into all activities in cooperation with the theme. Such as: a theme of apples could include apple prints for art, making applesauce for cooking, which integrates math and science, and lastly counting apples for a math concept.

In addition to full integration of all developmental concepts including; language, literacy, mathematics, social/emotional, art, science, health and safety, we also help to establish positive approaches to learning by promoting initiative and curiosity in children. 


We believe that children develop and grow at their own pace. We focus on ability of the child rather than chronological age when looking at goals, curriculum planning and classroom placement for children at our center. We believe children learn best through many forms, i.e. teacher guidance, hands-on, social/emotional and visual. We do our best to incorporate all forms of learning in our curriculum. All classroom environments and planning are designed to help children reach developmentally appropriate milestones for their age.  We use the guidelines set forth by the Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines to establish goals and curriculum ideas for each classroom, as well as each individual child.


We use an emergent curriculum, which gives the teacher adaptability in their choice of what they do in their classroom. Each teacher can develop curriculum based on the individual needs of the child and the group in their classroom. The teachers also work to develop goals for each child, in collaboration with the parents.


Our classrooms are set up to help children best learn through a play-rich environment. Our teachers set up multiple centers that stimulate learning, where children can explore and learn in different centers, such as Nature/Science, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Art, and many more.

Did You Know?

Baby Brains

80% of your baby’s brain is formed by age 3? So talk, read and sing to them, whenever and wherever you can. CVO supports babies brain development in this way too.

Preschool Is the ‘Most Cost-Effective’ Educational Intervention

Recent research makes clear that while there is little, difference in test scores between those who go to preschool and those who don’t, it also found that there are “long-term effects on important societal outcomes such as years of education completed, earnings and reduced crime and teen pregnancy.” Here is the full story.

Art is Fun

Art engages children on many different levels as it supports eye-hand coordination, creativity, and visual learning, among other developmental skills. Get messy with your child and expect lots of art projects to come home from OCV.

Let's Do Math

Math is good for your child's brain and it can happen anywhere: in the grocery store, the car, on the play ground. CVO 

incorporates math into every classroom, from littlest babies to our biggest after school kids.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enrich family life by providing an educational and emotionally nurturing environment.  We strive to create and enhance positive memories and offer age-appropriate learning experiences through the highest quality of professional childcare

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