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Parenting isn’t easy. We respect what it takes to do the job well and we are committed to working with and communicating openly with all our families. Expect regular progress reports from your child's teacher on what is happening every day with your child. 

In addition, our website is a place for families to find valuable information and tips on parenting and family issues. We are in the process of expanding this resource, but for now, you'll find our:

Children's Village of Orchards use HiMama

Children's Village of Orchards proudly subscribes to the HiMama app. This is innovative childcare software that connects you to your child's teacher every day. So now you won't miss out on the special moments while your child is in daycare. You’ll receive updates on your child’s activities to your email and smartphone – everything from health and nutrition to learning and development and funny moments. 


Pick up and drop off are often busy times at our child care center. HiMama complements face-to-face communications with your child's teacher with real time picture updates and digital daily reports.


Our parents are delighted to have the additional communication, which helps to bridge the gap between learning that happens Children's Village of Orchards and learning at home. See how it works here.

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