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Our Junior Kindergarten Program welcomes children who are 4 1/2-Kindergarten. Our primary goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which your child can grow and learn through discovery and exploration of their surroundings.  


Bouncy Bears ( 4 1/2 yrs-Kindergarten)


In our Jr. Kindergarten or Bouncy Bears class, your child will start to prepare for Kindergarten. Our teachers use story time, music, singing and other activities to promote language and literacy development.  We use daily calendar activities, manipulative play, and sensory tubs to learn the basics of math, writing, reading and science. Teachers use positive redirection methods to help the child learn and grow.


All activities are designed to encourage social/emotional growth and incorporate the arts to help engage students and make learning a positive experience.  While in this classroom your child will be presented with a wide variety of opportunities and experiences to help them reach Early Achievers age appropriate milestones.

As a Bouncy Bear your child will also have swimming lessons. These are once per week, 30 minute lessons which focus on having a joyful and safe experience.

Jr Kindergarten at Children's Village of Orchards

Our curriculum includes:


  • Circle time rich with books, songs, and movements

  • Celebrating holidays, including birthdays, to help celebrate the child and their family values 

  • Manipulatives that promote finer motor skills, reasoning and math skills

  • Books to promote literacy

  • Board and card games to promote teamwork, math skills, patience, cooperation, and more

  • Job responsibilities and learning accountability for actions

  • Learning how to write first and last name, as well as sight words

  • Activities that promote gross motor skills such as outdoor play, balls, and hula hoops

  • Learn their phone number and birthday...and more!

When age permits, we talk with the parent about promoting the child up to the next class. Children spend a few days transitioning to get used to the change.

Children's Village of Orchards uses HiMama

Receive daily updates from your child's teacher with the Hi Mama app. See details here.

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