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Our School Age Program welcomes children 5-12 years old, who attend school during the day. During the school year, we transport to and from various Battle Ground and Evergreen Schools. We have two groups: The Kangaroos for our kindergarteners and the Panthers for 1st to 5th graders. Teachers use positive redirection methods to help the child learn and grow.


Kangaroos (5-6 yr.)

As a Kangaroo our teachers will continue to help your child prepare for Kindergarten. Our Kindergarten readiness program is filled with learning enrichment and exploration. During this time our teachers use shared, guided and independent activities in all content areas to enhance learning. 


All activities are designed to encourage social/emotional growth and incorporate the arts to help engage students and make learning a positive experience.  While in this classroom your child will be presented with a wide variety of opportunities and experiences.

As a Kangaroo your child will also have swimming lessons. These are once per week, 30 minute lessons which focus on having a joyful and safe experience.

Kangaroos participate in all the Panther activities, except that they do not leave the center on field trips days. Kangaroos become Panthers at the beginning of summer after their kindergarten year. 


Panthers (6-12yr.)

Our before and after school program is designed with your child in mind. We offer different activities such as: language arts; snacks; crafts; dramatic play; sensory play and board games. We also offer time for your child to participate in large motor play, such as: tumbling; skates or scooters boards and ball games.

Every Wednesday the School Age children swim at our center. On non-school days and holidays our Panther program includes fun filled field trips, such as visiting local parks, swimming, bowling, skating, and many more. Field trips are an additional cost. 

There is also an area for homework and quiet reading, as well as activities that go with our weekly themes like science and cooking projects.

Our curriculum includes:


  • Our kangaroos (Kindergartners) and Panthers (1st-5th grade) have a variety of center activities to choose from plus a weekly theme provided by staff.   

  • You may walk in and find your child playing Legos with a friend. But there is much more going on here. During Lego play, they're learning about engineering and math skills, demonstrating leadership and cooperation capabilities, exploring their creativity, executing their fine-motor skills, and understanding patience and persistence. Who knew?

  • You also may find your 9 or 10 year old child in a peer-leader group, learning team work and leadership skills, and having a chance to mentor the younger children. 

  • Sometimes you may find your child playing a group game or indoor basketball, fine-tuning their craft.  They could also be dancing, which not only encourages their physical development, but their perseverance, patience, teamwork, memory skills, and more.

Lots of fun to be had as a Kangaroo and Panther!

Your students may come to Childrens' Village of Orchards before school as early as 6:30am and may stay after school as late as 5:30pm.


Children's Village of Orchards bus

We transport children to and from various Battle Ground and Evergreen Schools. More Information

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